SoilTech Mk. III , a third generation polymer binder and is the flagship product of the company. It is a road stabilization agent specifically designed for mine haul-road stabilization, where excessive loading occurs and where all-weather roads are required. This technology is now used in commercial road design. SoilTech Mk. III has been extensively utilized … Continue reading SoilTech

Dust Tech

Dust-Tech, essentially is a liquid plastic. The polymer has been developed with a particle size of 10 μm (ten micron). That is one-hundredth of a millimeter (0.01mm). The minute size of the particles allows greater penetration into the soil.


In simplistic terms, PolySeal is a polymer modification of cement, which increases the tensile and flexural strength of mortars and concrete and reduces their brittle nature. Since the polymer-modified cement is a composite of two entirely different types of materials, the characteristics of the key components, that is cement and polymer, will be briefly described: … Continue reading PolySeal


AsphalTech has been purposely designed to bind any non-plastic material into a useful wearing course seal. Worldwide, virtually all asphalt binders are now being modified with polymers, to increase performance.


ClearTech – is a transparent coloured binder, designed for surface binding of materials and to created naural looking wearing course seals. Natural looking clear seal – when the need is a natural look on your gravel roads, then ClearTech polymer, is what you are looking for. In certain environments such game reserves where aesthetics are … Continue reading ClearTech


PolyCem is a low cost liquid polymer material binder, requiring no compaction and cures at room temperature. PolyCem has been designed as an alternative to conventional portland cement. Virtualy any waste or insitu aggregate can be mixed with PolyCem and bound into a concrete-like slab. Curing time is very rapid. Within a couple of hours, … Continue reading PolyCem

Palletizer binders

Palletizer binders are non-intrusive binders specifically designed and manufactured as a binder for waste fines or slurries, such as coal fines, iron fines and slag materials – turning fines into useable briquettes.

PolyGel Clay Stabilizers

PolyGel is a a two component product used to firstly neutralise the water absorbtion properties of clay and then to bind and stabilize the clay material into a bound and water resistant layer. PolyGel clay stabilizer is a purpose designed Smart Material polymer powder, which neutralizes and inhibits clay platelets from absorbing water. Once mixed … Continue reading PolyGel Clay Stabilizers