Dust Tech

Dust-Tech, essentially is a liquid plastic. The polymer has been developed with a particle size of 10 μm (ten micron). That is one-hundredth of a millimeter (0.01mm).

The minute size of the particles allows greater penetration into the soil. The very sticky Dust-Tech liquid polymer is surrounded with stabilizing agents to keep the product from sticking together while in it’s packaging. Once the product is mixed with water and applied over the ground an evaporation process of the stabilizing agents takes place, leaving the Dust-Tech polymer to bind with the soil particles.



Typically, when treating tailing dam or fly-ash materials for dust stabilization, one would mix Dust-Tech 1:9 parts water and apply the diluted ration at 1 litre per square meter.

The less one dilutes Dust-Tech, the stronger and longer lasting the solution will be. Dust-Tech, being a liquid plastic will bind the top 5 to 10mm of the tailing material. It is recommended that the product be applied in a fairly diluted format and then subjected to the environmental challenges. A second or third mix of Dust-Tech can be applied at any time to strengthen the bond, until the right economical / performance criteria are met.



  • Wind and water resistant
  • Cost Effective
  • Reduces water consumption in suppressing dust
  • Environmental friendly
  • Grass seeds can grow through the product
  • Performance warranty can be guaranteed from 3 months to 30 years , subject to customer requirements and budgets

Smart Materials are technological advancements in polymer technology that drives our innovation in new construction methodologies


Typical Uses

  • Mine tailings
  • Suppress dust on dirt roads
  • Heli-pads
  • Solar-panel farms
  • Vineyards