Palletizer binders

Palletizer binders are non-intrusive binders specifically designed and manufactured as a binder for waste fines or slurries, such as coal fines, iron fines and slag materials – turning fines into useable briquettes.

It is estimated that between 25 -30% of coal is “lost” and stockpiled as coal slurry, to be reclaimed at a later date. The economic impact of these stockpiles are significant.

The reclamation and rehabilitation of waste stockpiles has long been a wish of corporations. Cost-effective reclaimation has always been the challenge.

Palletizing binders from Polyroads now merges binding performance and business economics into a powerful business vehicle to generate additional revenues from redundant stock piles.







  • Water resistant briquetteing
  • Economically viable
  • Non-intrusive on material quality
  • Quick curing
  • Will not affect the burning efficacy of the material

Typical Uses

  • Coal slurry reclamation
  • Iron fines reclamation
  • Transforming slag into commercially viable products