PolyGel Clay Stabilizers

PolyGel is a a two component product used to firstly neutralise the water absorbtion properties of clay and then to bind and stabilize the clay material into a bound and water resistant layer. PolyGel clay stabilizer is a purpose designed Smart Material polymer powder, which neutralizes and inhibits clay platelets from absorbing water. Once mixed into the clay, a polymer-clay composite is formed through the union of two very different materials with organic and mineral pedigrees. The hybrid composition properties, displays large increases in tensile strength as well as elastic modulus, while dramatically reducing water sensitivity.


Correct road design and drainage is importance.



  • Use existing in-situ clay aggregate
  • No need to excavate clay and to import quarry material
  • Allows construction of roads where aggregates are scarce
  • Cost effective
  • Construct roads where it was impossible before

Typical Uses

  • Road construction using materials with high plasticity
  • Jungle roads
  • Village roads
  • Stabilize sub-grade layers and reduce aggregate import
  • Stabilize sub-grade layers and reduce volume of clay excavation and removal