In simplistic terms, PolySeal is a polymer modification of cement, which increases the tensile and flexural strength of mortars and concrete and reduces their brittle nature. Since the polymer-modified cement is a composite of two entirely different types of materials, the characteristics of the key components, that is cement and polymer, will be briefly described:

PolySeal is a composite consisting of PolySeal elastomeric cross-linking polymers, which is mixed as an admixture with cement and non-plastic aggregates.

Cement needs no introduction. Portland cement based concrete and mortar are among the most widely used construction materials in the world. Advantages include, relatively low cost, high stiffness, high compressive strength, non-flammability and ease of fabrication.

However there are some serious limitations, such as low tensile strength and brittleness, which could affect the long-term durability. Polymer modification of cement paste increases its tensile and flexural strength and eliminates its brittle nature.

PolySeal Geoliner is high-tech, cost effective and easy to apply. PolySeal is a water-soluble polymer spray-on barrier liner. The application of three coats of PolySeal emulsion will result in a highly elastic, non-toxic and flexible sealant for concrete or earthen dams or capping of waste stockpiles.



  • UV Resistant
  • Wind and weather proof
  • Does not become brittle and does not crack
  • Fire-proof (grass fires)
  • PolySeal conforms to any shape or size
  • Seamless
  • Easily repairable

 Typical Applications

  • Lining of fresh water dams
  • Lining of mine tailing dams
  • Repairing old concrete reservoirs
  • Canal lining & repairs
  • Barrier liners – sealing toxic ponds
  • Capping toxic waste piles
  • Liners for fish farming